From the USDA

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2023 – Today, U.S. Department of Agriculture announced several actions to expand support for and access to the school meal programs, including awarding $50 million in grants that will increase collaboration between schools, food producers and suppliers, and other partners to develop nutritious, appetizing school meals for kids. The department also announced $10 million in grants for schools to expand nutrition education, as well as a proposed regulatory change to give more schools the option to provide healthy school meals to all students at no cost.

These forward-thinking, innovative actions were all highlighted by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at an event at Maplewood Elementary in Greeley, Colo. where he spoke with school and district leaders about how these USDA actions will benefit their communities.

“The Biden-Harris Administration believes that a healthier future for our country starts with our children,” said Vilsack. “Continuing to make school meals healthier and available to more students are some of the best ways we can help our children thrive early in life.”

Read the press release on the USDA website.